Aamir Fans Bashed KRK after calling Aamir A ‘Besharam Insaan’ & Said He Wants To Marry Sunny Leone WTF !!

In Bollywood, There have so many Critics and Anylysist. But KRK is on Top of the all Critic including Taran Adarsh...LOL. I am just Joking. KRK Kamaal R Khan is The Greatest (Mahan) Bollywood Critic Now-a-days. He gave Perfect Review for all Movie except Good Movie...XD :-)

We also know him as "Controversy King". He Create Controversies Specially on Twitter. KRK aka 2 rupees people create another Controversy on Sunny Leone's Movie "Beiiman Love", which got banned in UK Theatres. Not only did this man talk about this ban, but he even dragged Aamir Khan in this issue.

  • If You also Want to Bash, Bang or F**k KRK just Go Here and Do what ever you want, But Beware He will Block You. I can't Bcoz he blocked me :(

He took to Twitter and slammed Aamir khan. KRK used insulting language for him, which obviously Aamir and his Fans won’t like !

First Check out His Tweet,

Below is such a Bullsh*t Tweet

He calls Aamir Besharam!!

Aamir Khan is doing wrong!

Now Check out Aamir khan Fans Mouth shuting Tweet,

Naya matter!

Firse haga?

Aamir Khan bhaav nahi dega!

Some bad words!

Some more!

Jali na?

Fatt rahi hai!

Ab Dangal hoga!

Commit suicide!

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