I’m The Only Top Actress Who Has Done B-Grade Films, Says Kangana Ranaut

Kangana, who has proved herself with films like Woh Lamhe, Life In A Metro, Queenand Tanu weds Manu thinks that success doesn’t come with any kind of pressure as she feels that failure doesn’t reflect your credibility as an artist. 

Kangana Ranaout Said,
“I haven’t set any standards that I have to do this work or this is where I have to go. I don’t put that kind of pressure on myself. What I tell myself is that I will continue (on the path). I think I am the only top actress probably who has done B-grade films. I don’t see that a certain project can ascend to a certain position. You can be giving flops and still be a very valuable artiste and that is the case with me.”
Kangana Ranaout is now busy with her upconibg film "Simran in Atlants".

in Atlanta

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